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Pushing for Extraordinary

May 31, 2018

The morning dawned crisp and cool, with that thin layer of grey-blue cloud way up there that I just knew would burn off as the sun got higher in the sky. I took off the thin sweater that had kept me warm until now, and hung it on the rail at the side of the road, happy that someone would come by later and collect it for donation. It was September 2010, and I was at the starting line of my first half marathon here in Toronto.
I was lucky. I had a good race, finishing in about two and a half hours. When I calculated my pace I was running about 7 minutes per kilometer (km).
Afterwards, I worked to increase my pace so I could decrease my time in future races. (After all, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?...

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This is Your Life

May 29, 2018

I wanted to dispense some sage advice for those who have experienced any type of “failure” recently. But every time I tried to write, the words seem somehow inadequate…not the sort of thing that would be heralded as the next hot trend in leadership!

My mentors have kindly reflected to me that I'd be much more effective if I could sit still for even a few minutes, instead of jumping into action the minute an idea comes to mind. So I gave it a try. I set aside any need to offer wisdom to the world, for a few days at least, and got involved in the fun of life with my children. I let that be enough.

One night I was on my way home from dance class, knowing I’d be alone when I returned as the boys had gone to their...

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My Teachers

May 22, 2018

I wrote this blog a few years ago, right at the start of a multi-year engagement with an elementary school to work with the students. It describes the beginnings of our Power Circles for Youth program, and I thought you might enjoy reading about how it all started. Enjoy!

Recently I was graced with the opportunity to work with elementary school-aged children.  What began as a simple idea to take some leadership development into a school is proving to be one of the most unexpected gifts I ever could have hoped to receive.  Indulge me if you will, as I share a little about what happened and the teaching these children offered me.

The plan was to co-convene four-35 minute sessions with each grade, separately, from Grade 1 to Grade...

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Beat the Clock

May 01, 2018

Time is sliding by so quickly these days, isn’t it?

My vision was to release our advanced coach training that week, but life intervened. Despite the frustration that simmered under the surface at times, I chose to smile kindly at myself and trust that the program would launch when everything calmed down.

“Man proposes, God disposes,” my late grandmother always said.

My younger son had been unwell, you see. With one of those lingering colds that moved down into his chest accompanied by incessant coughing and a recurring fever. All of the priorities that seemed so important that week fell to the side as I put my focus onto him and his well-being.

When my children were younger, I used to play an...

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Up Your Game

Apr 12, 2018

We are big basketball fans in my family, as both of my sons have played competitively for many years.  One thing I’ve always admired about both boys is that they are very team oriented and will often pass the ball even when they are within what appears to be close proximity to the net.  While that stance and mindset has been really helpful in that neither of them subscribes to the “self as hero” mentality that can create a dependency upon one player to carry the whole team, it became clear recently that this supportiveness has limitations.

The coach took my son aside and told him that he has to start to score some points now. While he is getting better at defending and assisting, it’s time for him to...

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