The Well

A safe and sacred community for seasoned coaches, healers, guides, facilitators and teachers to rest, reflect and restore. 

Message from Shahmeen:
I feel a huge acceleration happening on all levels: interior, local, national, global, energetic, universal and beyond.
The pull to “return to normal” is strong, yet Life, Earth and Spirit are inviting us to move through this into some sort of New Way that we cannot see or articulate yet. Many structures will be put down and new ones will emerge.
This New Way will emerge through a collective inner process that includes silence, receptivity and inspired advocacy and action. This is a radical departure from the norm of “keep working hard and thinking hard and you’ll solve the problem”, that so many across the planet are employing right now.
If we are to be catalysts for birthing the New Way, it is essential to continue to strengthen our containers and our capacity to serve.

Heartworkers and lightworkers, the people who hold roles like coach, teacher and healer who can be with and facilitate what is unfolding, will find guidance, community, and support in The Well. 


Frequency: Weekly on Fridays from 11am-12pm Eastern Time.

Structure: Emergent Explorations
Sacred Principles: 

- Everything is welcome
- Everyone is enough, just as they are
- Everyone is a work in progress, learning and growing as they journey through life

In this community, we intend to be:

- lovingly curious
- fiercely truthful
- willing to not know
- courageously looking in previously unexamined places

in service of finding new ways to live, be and work, remembering we are all members of one human family. 

We may not do this perfectly all the time. Please hold each other with grace nonetheless.

Find out whether The Well is right for you

If what you have read above calls to you, and you are a seasoned coach, healer, guide, facilitator or teacher who works deeply with human beings, we invite you to join us!

Use the button below to download a questionnaire. Complete it and return it as directed and we will be in touch to set a time to speak about whether this community is right for you.


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