Our story begins with the creation of Anjali Leadership Inc., our parent company

"Anjali" is a Sanskrit word that means "Heartfelt Offering" and everything we do at Anjali Leadership and This Human Being is indeed the heartfelt offering of Shahmeen Sadiq, who created Anjali Leadership Inc. in 2005, after a 15-year career in leadership in the public service. What began as an individual coaching practice soon grew to a full-on leadership development consultancy, using executive coaching at the individual, team and system levels as our primary service delivery mechanism. Since then, we have had the honour of guiding hundreds of leaders in dozens of industries to develop conscious and intentional leadership.

As Anjali Leadership began to grow, Shahmeen was introduced to The Leadership CircleTM suite of leadership assessments. She was captivated by the strength of the frameworks underpinning these instruments, as well as the elegance of the instruments and the leadership and development journey they propose. Within a year, she was fully certified not only to use the instruments, but to teach, certify and mentor other human development professionals in their use. She certified, trained and mentored around a thousand practitioners during her tenure from 2008 until 2019.

This combination of direct client work and training/mentoring other practitioners led to the evolution of our powerful model for leadership development: The Art and Heart of Coaching. This model has as much of a focus on the development of the coach/guide, as it has on how to effectively work with clients. Leadership coaches and consultants have found it to be profoundly useful and continue to seek advanced coach training and mentoring from Shahmeen in ever-expanding numbers. 

In 2019 Shahmeen invited people to join a new community. This global gathering of seasoned professionals is exploring what lies beyond the mastery that has led them to where they are today. We are opening to unity together in The Well, which is a vastly different experience than the traditional goal-setting, driving and striving for achievement that so many groups convene for. Membership is by invitation/application for seasoned human development practitioners. Visit The Well for more information.

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