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What Would The Earth Say, If She Could Speak Through Me?

Mar 28, 2020

surrender, surrender Dear One
relax into the arms of the Mother
and know that you are home

put down your weapons
let down your hair
set it all down
it doesn't serve you now

turn towards yourself
turn towards each other
let love flow

bow, smile, let tender
warm-heartedness flow
across the breathways of the sky and sun and
wind and breeze

allow yourself to be enlivened 
from the inside out now
let love flow

you are sisters and brothers in
One Great Human Family
can you see it?
can you feel it now?

this great pause that you are 
invited to take
will nourish what is here
what has always been true

soak up this opportunity
revel in this pause
let the goodness of your true nature 

send gratitude, appreciation
and joyful wishes across the 

soon, the new way will emerge
you'll know it when it comes through
until then, rest

allow the sun to soak into your cells
let the breeze caress your skin
feel the threads that
connect you to each other
smile kindly upon each other

you are home

- Shahmeen Sadiq

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