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The Undulation of Life

Apr 02, 2020

The undulation of life carries us through expansions and contractions. We must have both. To expand indefinitely is neither sustainable nor possible.

Many times I have operated as if I am immune to this basic natural truth: “I can do, have and handle it all! I’m uber-capable, super-human, invincible! Resting and restoring is for weaklings! I don’t need any of that.”

The inevitable crash that follows finds me spent and depleted, face down in the mud.

For the most stubborn, like me, it is sometimes only there, at the very bottom, battered and bruised, the taste of blood and dirt on my tongue, that I am available to any other possibilities. My exhaustion catalyzes an essential surrender that was previously unimaginable.

So here we are. You, me, our entire human family, plunged into a depth of contraction the likes of which many could never imagine and most cannot tolerate.

Yes there is a virus. Yes there is overwhelm, fear, and profound loss on every level. My heart aches with the immense and palpable global grief that accompanies it.

And, here, at the bottom of the contraction, lies an invitation to open to new ways of living, working and being that were also previously unimaginable.

What is your experience of this contraction and what is it inviting you to open to?

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