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Aug 12, 2020

 by Shahmeen Sadiq

Speak up…graciously
Speak your truth…gracefully
Share your thoughts…carefully
Be courageous…politely
Write an article…but provide evidence
Take a stand…but show us your credentials
Take up space…but not too much
Have an opinion…but don’t be confrontational
Be a leader…but let us go first
Be fierce…but not too angry
Don’t be invisible…but let us be the experts
Don’t be quiet…just be careful
Don’t be loud…your passion is overwhelming us
Your experience has validity…until our feelings get hurt
You are welcome…as long as you don’t ask us to change

If you have ever felt enchained, or if this poem evokes strong emotions like shame, disbelief or sadness, consider joining us for Deeper Explorations in 2020. Session 1: Enchained, takes place on September 16, 2020.

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