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Easy's Offer

Jul 07, 2020

In order to make any sustainable change I believe that unearthing the deeper and difficult things is essential. Bring them into the light where we can look at them together, then we can work usefully with this rich fodder. I’ve become quite good at this over the years, basing all of my work on this premise.

So, this morning when the word EASY emerged as I walked in the flower park, it caught me by surprise.

Easy? Impossible, I scoffed. Human development is solemn and important work. 

Like the leaves of the Hosta above, unfurling effortlessly no matter what the weather, the invitation tapped at me again, “What if you could bring a spirit of 'easiness' to it all?”

Then it struck me.

My story is that doing this deeper exploration is super serious and sacred HARD WORK. This leaves me holding on tightly, consumed and frankly, a bit of a challenge to live with. 

So I'm taking up the offer to allow more "easy" to partner with my intensity. 

What about you? What would adding the spirit of easiness offer you today?

I’d love to hear where this takes you!

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