Personal Leadership Program
for Women

Your Life. Your Way. It's Time!

Invitation from
Shahmeen Sadiq
Master Certified Coach


Have you felt an invisible force in your life, nudging you towards a change?

I call this the Wave of Insistence. 

This wave accompanies you through your life. Sometimes silent, other times fierce, always supporting you to be who you really are and to do what you are here to do.

Yet you may have shaped your life, as many of us have, according to someone else's plans for you.

Perhaps you followed in the footsteps of a parent or older sibling. Maybe you chose a path you've always heard people say is the one for you.

It may have worked out just fine. You've been largely successful. You've met the expectations well.

But now, something is changing. The wave is getting stronger, pushing you to consider a change. You try to ignore it, push it down, like you did the last time you felt it. 

However this strategy isn't working so well today.

Now you're noticing sometimes you're wide awake in the middle of the night thinking about a change... work

...or in relationship

...or on to a new career path

and you're wondering if you could really make it happen.

You can!

In this program you will learn to:
  • filter the opinions of others
  • recognize and hear your own voice, intuition and truth
  • joyfully choose your next step with clarity and courage
  • have difficult conversations without causing harm to relationships that matter to you
  • gracefully say goodbye to what doesn't serve you anymore

It's time... let your life blossom!

In this special personal and professional leadership program for women. I'll bring the best of everything I've learned in 30+ years of personal, leadership and human development to guide you to bloom into the whole, powerful and beautiful woman you are. 

If you've been noticing you are awake in the early hours before dawn with thoughts about the possibilities for the change you secretly wish you could make swirling around... are not alone!

This program is for women just like you who want to create their personal and professional lives to be joyous, purposeful, fulfilling and prosperous. And who know that making the shift to bring that into being is a profoundly courageous and beautiful journey.

Join us and get started. Shape your life, your way.

It's time!

What women tell us about this program:

"I wish I had done this [program] years ago - my life might have been different! It was amazing. I highly recommend it."

- Beatrice, participant in June 2020 cohort


"This helped me a lot to make a decision about a transition. It was an important step for me."

- Mariette, participant in June 2020 cohort

"[This program] came at the right time for me as I was transitioning and ramping up my new ground me in what was most important and to hold those crucial conversations more courageously about what I did and what I did not do as a new business."

- Lisa, participant in June 2020 cohort

Program Structure


Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Daily self-work assignment (about 30 minutes each day)



Live group calls, 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern Time, on Zoom

Facilitated by Shahmeen Sadiq, MCC, these calls will include open Q&A and small group breakouts to support the learning for each week


Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Let go, let in, rest and reflect

Registration is Open

Our next session runs from March 29 to May 6, 2021